Call For Models - Pittsburgh, PA


Call For Models: Pittsburgh, PA

This is an ongoing paid opportunity, so we're always accepting new applications from models. If you already sent in an application for consideration we ARE holding onto your portfolio and may contact you in the future as new opportunities arise.

 Please read below for more information before applying.

Please send applications to and include the following info:

▪️Sizing information, including shoe size, shirt size, pant size, etc.

▪️Measurements, if known

▪️Link to portfolio, or Instagram profile 

▪️Phone number

Location: Carnegie, PA

Previous experience in stock photography modeling is not necessary. We're looking for people with great creativity and imagination!

We're looking for diversity in models of different races, genders, sizes, etc. Anyone is welcome to apply. 

We're looking for professionalism and reliability as costumes will be planned and purchased for individual models.

With questions, please contact: